Anna’s blog

It is nonsense to be an inspiration geek without a slight addiction to music. Last week I met Anna in the cafe I usually study at and found out about her passion and profession which is music. Checking her blog made me believe that I have added one more of those “online-living species with an addiction to inspiration” to my network of friends. You can visit her website and follow her blog to increase your weekly dose of inspiration.


An epic commercial by Intel

To build excitement around the 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, Intel is launching an action-adventure video titled “The Chase.” The spot demonstrates the performance capabilities of the new processors by creating an action-movie style chase sequence that takes place through a wide variety of program windows on a computer desktop.

Paul Neave


Paul is a British interactive designer. His passion, as he says, is to dissolve the barriers between technology and people. I believe he is very successful in making the digital world more simple, fun and human. Visiting his website is fun and playful. I loved his works. Jump into his world and get your daily dose of inspiration. Click here >>

The poetics of Arghavan

A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Iran, later, studying Fashion design in India and finally running her studio in Hungary represents her as an artist and designer with passion of mixing western and eastern culture as well as design and arts. “I try to mix my art and design knowledge to empurple my world” she says.  You can visit her poetic design  portfolio by clicking here >>

A power point presentation?!

Today, while surfing the net, I was faced with two posts on ideasareawesome and swiss-miss blogs that were so inspiring.

Communicating a concepts is very challenging. It is extremely demanding not to make boring presentations specially when it comes to  design strategies or contents that lots of graphs and texts have to be displayed.

Creating awesome and communicative presentations does not necessarily need high skills in soft-wares such as Adobe After effects. Look how three animators have made this presentation, in three days, just using Google Docs!

What I have shared here is part of the creation process but you can also check this link if you want to access—and playback—the presentation.

For exhibition and booth design geeks

Recently, I borrowed the book “Exhibition Design” from a friend. For those who are interested in “exhibition and stand design” and look for inspiration and some case studies, it will be a mind opening one. As it is said in the Reddot design store “the book presents the world’s most spectacular designs for commercial and cultural installations, spanning from smaller trade stands, large museum-like exhibition areas and temporary presentations in cultural centers, to design showrooms and spaces for product promotion”. Take a look at the book here >>


Here are the instruments, percussions and effects. Drag them on the characters and they will sing it by heart. The Incredibox is an online application that offers you to discover the musical universe of ” The Incredible Polo“. Enjoy it.