The Brand Driven Innovation, a fresh approach

Well! take a deep deep breath and visit their website.

What is Brand Driven Innovation anyway?

BDI is a vision and working method, merging the domains of branding, innovation and design, to create value and meaning for organizations and their customers.

BDI is based on the understanding that:

1. The focus of branding should not be the creation and communication of the brand promise, but its fulfillment. The brand should be rooted in the organization’s culture and vision, and connected to its customers’ needs and aspirations. In order for the brand to function as a shared launching platform for innovations, the brand must be accessible, usable and inspiring for everyone who must work with it.

2. Innovation should be driven by a vision on the value an organization can add to the lives of its customers. Innovation is about understanding this value, and turning it into a sustainable growth. In BDI, innovation is focused on fulfilling the brand’s promise through new products, services, processes or business models.

3. The brand needs innovation to fulfill its promise, and innovation needs branding to infuse it with meaning and understanding of the relationship between the organization and its customers. Design, and more particularly, design thinking, is the glue that creates the synergy between branding and innovation. Design turns vision into value and connects organizations to users.


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