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A power point presentation?!

Today, while surfing the net, I was faced with two posts on ideasareawesome and swiss-miss blogs that were so inspiring.

Communicating a concepts is very challenging. It is extremely demanding not to make boring presentations specially when it comes to  design strategies or contents that lots of graphs and texts have to be displayed.

Creating awesome and communicative presentations does not necessarily need high skills in soft-wares such as Adobe After effects. Look how three animators have made this presentation, in three days, just using Google Docs!

What I have shared here is part of the creation process but you can also check this link if you want to access—and playback—the presentation.


Design Management Blog

I would highly recommend this blog for those who like to follow news and information around design management. The latest post of Raulf is about “Design Strategy”. Click here to read this post.


این وبلاگ رو به کسانی که دوست دارند مطالب مربوط به مدیریت طراحی رو دنبال کنند پیشنهاد می کنم. آخرین پست این وبلاگ در مورد دیزاین استراتژی است. برای مطالعه آخرین پست، اینجا رو کلیک کنید