Farshid Monfared’s illustrations

Lovely monsters that he creates and his recent exhibition, “Aklil-Al-Molouk“, have impressed many critics and designers. Farshid Monfared has studied Illustration at Art and Architecture University in Tehran. Better to take a look at his portfolio to feel the essence of his work and find out how he perceives the world. Click here to visit his personal website >>


Prezi, the zooming presentation editor

It is almost two years that I am using Prezi to prepare some of my presentations. A number of features that were crucial to edit and customize the presentation were missing.

The recently-added editing features, now, give users more control  in designing their own works.

Today, I was exploring their website and found this presentation interesting, content-wise and also as a sample for what you are able to do by Prezi.

The Memymom

To create their beauty and the beast, mixed with a pinch of humor, Marilène & Lisa (mother & daughter) have been working intensively together on images through the use of digital photography and Photoshop for almost seven years. Their so-called “Photographism” artworks simply inspire me! Visit their website Memymom and you can follow Lisa on Facebook, as well.


A LIFE with Future Computing
a design competition to create new lifestyle from next-generation computing

Japanese company Fujitsu will work with designboom to hold an international industrial design competition.
everyone is eligible to enter the competition, from professionals to students, who are involved with,
or are interested in, design. participation in groups is also accepted.


Saba’s snapshots

Saba Niknam, is an Iranian art student at Ecole Superieure des Arts Decoratifes de Strasbourg. Her artworks represent snapshots of her nightmares and dreams. Her fashion designs and illustrations truly demonstrate her super-cool mindset. Take a look at her profile.

Village Green

Village Green is a creative studio. They are designers working on disciplines such as branding, graphic art, image making, art direction and moving image and from fashion, arts, music, sports, advertising, print design to interactive design. You will enjoy taking a look at their works. Click here >>


John Grant talks about crowd-sourcing, sustainability and the power of co-operative systems. I found his talk is very inspiring. Click here to watch his lecture >>