Solid Alliance’s USB FoodHub


Core77- The world of USB doodads is far too vast for us to plug every single newcomer, however Solid Alliance’s new USB FoodHub really stirs up the whole gag memory pot. It’s kind of like SA’s USB sushi deal, but much stranger and not as delectable-looking. The maggot ball-like Rice Tomato hub has ports for four individual 1GB USB drives: a Fried Shrimp, Fried Crab, Hamburger patty with mystery sauce, and Purin (something that resembles a tall flan)–all served up on a plate. While we wouldn’t go near this food combo in real life, gross-out campiness works well for flash drive fun times.

این یو اس بی ها به نظرم مناسب کامپیوتری هایی هستن که دارن رژیم هاپکینز می گیرن. لا اقل اگه برنج قراره حذف بشه یه کاربرد حرفه ای میشه ازش انتظار داشت. اطفن گمراه نشید اینا غذا نیستن صرفن اشیائ فانتزین


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