Turbo Chef Oven Case Study



The Speedcook technology pioneered by TurboChef has been utilized in the commercial space for over a decade. The changing environment and needs of the home chef necessitated the introduction of this convenience into the home. It was time to bring commercial grade technology to the consumer without overriding the values of the home cooking experience. TurboChef enlisted frog design to identify and execute a strategic solution while capturing the essence of the modern residential kitchen.



Discover: Analysis Becomes Insight

To begin the process, frog sought the honest voice of the customer. We asked consumers and professional chefs across the country what they valued and what they wanted. What were their habits, conventions, desires and needs? What did their idealized vision of home cooking look like? What was missing in their cooking experience? How could a product like this enhance their memories? We found very succinctly that they desired a product that would cook high quality meals, evoke their childhood memories and save them time.We then spent time with several distributors to better understand the market conditions. We asked them how consumers shop in the home appliance space. What questions do their consumers ask? What do they believe is missing in their products?





Design: Insights Become Ideas

We understood the customer’s voice, and designed a product to meet their needs. Observing, hearing, analyzing and reaching an understanding of the relationships we had built were crucial to designing the oven for today’s home chef. TurboChef and frog focused heavily on harmonizing form, function and the complete experience of the Double Wall Speedcook Oven.Crafted from premium stainless steel, the TurboChef Double Wall Speedcook Oven is designed to connect the past with the future. Visually, it is characterized by rounded forms coupled with inviting and sensual sculpting. The stainless steel, touch-screen display and revolutionary cook wheel meet the demands of the sophisticated modern home, while the iconic hearth shape, color finish and elegant style harkens to the days of hearth-shaped forms. Accents of bright chrome highlight key emotional attributes of the oven, while functional elements like the large clock and timer give it a purposeful feel. Innovative technology and design appeals to the senses, and provides the home chef with culinary elegance while assuring its technical innovation will never dominate its form.The cook wheel invites users to create masterpieces through an intuitive interface. The oven’s visual cues extend to its digital display. Warm colors connote appetite, home and the hearth. Right out of the box, the simple interface guides users effortlessly through hundreds of their favorite recipes. Precise dial-control knobs and an easy to read, vibrant color LCD screen, provides elegant engineering with ease-of-use. frog humanized the technology with analog qualities giving the Speedcook Oven a familiar feel.








Deliver: Ideas Become Reality

The uniquely balanced characteristics enable the ultimate cooking experience, merging luxury and convenience of modern technology with the emotional appeal of cooking in simpler times. The TurboChef 30″ Double Wall Speedcook Oven will make the home chef a hero.


The TurboChef Double Wall Speedcook Oven was unveiled in April 2006 at KBIS, the industry’s biggest show, to great fanfare. The oven hits stores this fall.





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