Dattoos- Wearable Compiting Concepts



For the Forrester Consumer Forum, Hartmut Esslinger envisioned how future technology will influence and shape notions of community and tribalism, education and self-awareness, identity and connectivity with minimal impact on the physical environment.



Discover: Analysis Becomes Insight

The concept driving dattoos are driven from notions of converging connectivity and computability with the body and self-identity. Computers and communication devices require physical space, surfaces and energy. The idea of DNA TATOOS is to use the body itself as “hardware & interaction” platform through use of recyclable materials that are minimally invasive to the environment.


Design: Insights Become Ideas

To achieve absolute personal identification, the hardware extracts DNA from the user’s body – which also enables remote but direct involvement and participation in the political and cultural landscape. Dattoos are carried on the body and in clothing as they are, or via accessories such as a holster.  


Deliver: Ideas Become Reality

All hardware is designed “on demand” and “assembled” via a special online design portal. Users can view, test-drive and choose from offered options. They also can reduce as the “product” has a “function lifecycle” of less then a day. After user likes the specific configuration s/he designed – including the “look & style” or the fashion-driven expression, and tested virtually, s/he will have the fully functioning circuitry “printed” on the recommended areas of her/his skin – including all UI-interactive and display functions. Energy will be pulled from the human body.Content I/O (such as cameras, microphones and laser-loudspeakers can be connected to “interface pods” and then function as any “generic” hardware. Software will be “liquid,” so it looks as if the UI and content interaction are an extension of the bionic body.Refresh: at the end of the day, the user goes into the shower and can then wash the DNA TATOOS off to begin anew the following day.



Utilizing future technology, Dattoos have yet to reach fruition. The final concept aims to achieve the convergence of the following concepts: DNA-reader and identification, Nano Sensors & interactive “touch reading” for finger tips (Braille), Pattern & image recognition, Self-learning & educating applications, Living materials that change shape and feel, Flexible OLED displays, Full Voice Interaction, Directional Laser Speakers, Bionic Nano-Chips and Cyborg components.


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