Tips, quotes and Definitions



Designing is … a creative problem defining process. A creative problem solving process. The primary way to clarify objectives and translate them into implemented realities. The design activity can be applied to buildings, interior spaces, mass produced objects/products, visual communications, landscapes, and the community environments in which we live. When applied responsibly, design can improve performance; save time, energy, money, and resources; and improve the well-being of users. 

Design is an obsolete idea, “Today we don’t need more, we need better. We need more quality, more tenderness. The next wave is more about humanity. The designer must really think what his duty is: to help, to give a better life to the maximum number of people, at an affordable price, with real intuition of what people really need.” 

Design is a calling – not a vocation. If you cannot live it – see the world through it, and then you should probably sell mutual funds. Working hard is the only option – but then again, if it is truly your calling, it won’t seem like work – but rather something like fulfillment. 


Industrial Designis the professional service of creating and developing new products or enhancing existing ones. Industrial designers attempt to optimize the function, value and appearance of the objects they create. They consider the preferences and technical requirements of clients and anticipate the needs of users to create products that are safe, ecologically friendly, and cost-effective.


“I am not the best designer in the world” Starck demurred. “I have tried to bring tenderness and poetry to things you are obliged to use every day. 



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