Product Ventures – 2

Old Spice Red Zone (Procter & Gamble)

SITUATION: Red Zone is targeted at a new market segment known as the Image Manager.
CHALLENGE: The new design had to transcend the category’s banality, but within existing manufacturing line constrains the team should create an upscale design for a brand extension aimed at young, hip segment.
SOLUTION: PVL designed a tapered form with an uninterrupted visual line from body to cap as well as the illusion of assembled parts. A sleek profile and clever allocation of materials elevates a commodity product to salon permium. Tow-stage injected molding gives the illusion of an expensive package.
Transcend :برتري يافتن، سبقت گرفتن يك محصول از سايرين Banality:پيش‌پا افتادگي Constrain: محدوديت
Tapered:باريك شونده، مخروطي شده Illusion:فريب بصري، خطاي حسي
Sleek: نرم، براق، صيقلي Elevate:ارتقاء سطح ، بالا بردن Iinject:تزريق كردن Molding: قالبگيري
Commodity product: كالايي كه مقدار عرضه آن محدود و وابسته به تقاضاي بازار است


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